One way that you can eliminate bees, wasps, or hornets living close to you is to squirt all of them with hairspray. Hairspray contains many chemicals that can destroy these bugs. Moreover, the aroma of hairspray can repel more of these pests from getting into your house.

Attack insects at the source. You need to cut off the pest’s food source to prevent them from getting into your own home. Your home may be giving the insects exactly what they need. Ensure you eliminate food scraps lying around, water leakages in your plumbing, and openings in your home.

Prior to buying a home, get it examined by a reputable pest control company. Some indications of invasion are easy to detect, but keep in mind that you have no way of knowing what kinds of pests are hiding in your home or insulation until you have been in the house for a while.

If rats and mice have previously posed problems, avoid placing bushes nearby the residence. Rats can climb the shrubs and get access to your home through the roof. A great rule of thumb is to keep shrubs a minimum of 15 feet from your house.

Peppermint might help with the struggle of rodents in your house. Just plant peppermint around your foundation. You can keep mice away with this method. Sprinkle peppermint leaves close to affected areas where you have a mouse problem. Ensure that the mint leaves are fresh.

Landscape lighting is great for entertaining guests outside in the evening or keeping away burglars, but it can also entice unwanted pests. If backyard lighting is needed, use yellow, orange, or pinkish bulbs to keep pest infestations at bay.

Plug-in pest repellents work well for eradicating pests. These products plug into an electrical outlet and produce a sound that chases them out. Rats or rodents will also keep away from the area where these devices are used.

Have a rodent problem? Walk around the outside of your residence and try to find small cracks that may be enabling unwanted pests to get inside. Stuff steel wool in the openings, then adds poison. You may use scent repellents like mustard oil.

Drains are a frequent area for pest infestations. Be certain you check your drain pipes regularly. Clean them with a drain snake regularly or make use of a liquid cleaner. Various particles can cause fungus to develop inside of them, offering pests an excellent place to stay.

Get started now using what you have learned from this article. Pests are a nuisance and you would like them eliminated easily.  Take advantage of these ideas for your issue and perhaps discover more on your own. The time to cope with your insect issue is right now.