How Anti-establishment Parties Are Reshaping Western Politics

A destructive wave of anarchy and anti-establishment vibes seems to be challenging the current political order these days. This feeling was built from the idea that by keeping the borders open and the trading laws lax, there was more scope for prosperity. Of course, the past year has shown mixed feelings for the approach.

Britain decided to leave the European Union. Voters who vote for Brexit to go through amidst dire warnings of economic and political collapse were suddenly thrown into the dark when the motion was officially passed. The United States presidential election saw the rise and rather unexpected success of the billionaire politician turned businessman Donald Trump who as president has pledged to build a wall to keep Mexicans out, ban Muslims from the US and scrap free trade deals.

Political analysts are still struggling to put a name to the phenomenon seems to be sweeping over the world. This rise of populism, right-wing extremism and anti-establishment sympathies seems to evade all the usual labels. It is sufficient to say that it has certainly been a surprise for most mainstream parties who thought it would be short-lived. But the wave is gaining tempo and strength and is well on the way to drastically reshaping the socio-economic environment of the West.

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