Is Politics No Longer A Man’s Field?

Feminism and ‘Girl power’ seem to be written on everything now. If a person is not a feminist they are automatically labeled as chauvinistic or, even worse, unprogressive. Women o have a lot to celebrate these days, with more and more of them entering every walk of life. Women entering into politics seem to be making up for all the time they lost. However, it bears keeping in mind that less than a quarter of all legislators around the world are women. Having women enter politics will mean drawing more attention to women-related issues, such as maternity leave and access to childcare and domestic violence.

Change takes far too long but the world needs woman in positions of power now more than ever. People are suggesting time-limited quotas to speed up progress and get the ball rolling. This is not limited to politics and could apply to corporate boards as well. To really make sure there is an equal ratio of gender representation, certain posts can be shortlisted to be female-only. Instead of thinking parliamentary, local government also need female reinforcers to combat problems closer to home or specific to a locality. By publishing the quotient of seats held by both men and women, candidate diversity would be easier to recognise, rectify and organise.

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